KRG Bans Import of more Fruit and Veg

By John Lee.

The KRG's Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources has decided to ban the importation of fruit and vegetables for a period of five months, reports AKnews.

Marketing Director Nouri Ismael told the news agency:

"The importation of apples will be banned from August 1 to October 30; pomegranates from August 15 to January 31. Grapes will be banned permanently. Cauliflower and cabbage will be banned from November 28. Lettuce from November 15 until January 31."

Importing coriander, leek, chard, radishes and beetroot will be banned from October, said Ismael.

The ban is to protect the region's home-grown fruit and vegetable industry.

(Source: AKnews)

Photo: Imported fruit and vegetables in Baghdad marke (Photo Credit: Layth Mahdi)

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