Former Istanbul Mayor Wins $600m Contract in Baghdad

By John Lee.

Vehbi Orakçı (pictured), a former mayor of Istanbul’s Beylikdüzü district, has reportedly signed a $600-million deal for a construction project in Baghdad.

“The project includes nearly 6,500 buildings, 325 offices, 325 residential apartments and a 60,000 square-meter shopping center. The total cost is $600 million, but the sales volume is expected to be $1 billion,” Orakçı said.

According to the report from Hurriyet, Orakçı’s company is currently working on a $150-million project in Karbala, which includes 1,260 villas with infrastructure such as roads and cultural centers, on a 660,000 square-meter site.

(Source: Hurriyet)

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