HEESCO Wins Engineering Contracts

Iraq's Ministry of Oil has announced that its subsidiary HEESCO (Heavy Engineering Equipment State Company) has signed contracts with two other Oil Ministry companies:

  • With GFC (Gas Filling Company), to supply and install 2 spherical LPG tanks of 3,000 cubic meters capacity, at an estimated cost of 11.4 billion Iraqi dinars ($9.7 million), in the governorates or Karbala and Samawa.
  • With MRC (Midland Refineries Company), to manufacture 3 chimneys for 3 furnaces (F-201. F-202. F-203. F-204), at an estimated cost of 52.4 million Iraqi dinars, in addition to another contract to bend the exchanger tubes (E-416) estimated 20.3 million Iraqi dinars.
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