Video: Warzone Hummers in Iraq, now Stretch Limos

By John Lee.

In Iraq, car bombings and corruption are still facts of life, reports CNN, but there are signs of economic renewal. Among them is the Hummer.

The U.S. Military’s armored vehicles of choice are being turned into stretch limos and rented out at $400 a day for weddings by Iraqis who can afford it.

There's also a place called The Burger Joint – where waiters take orders on iPads to the music of Motown and Frank Sinatra.

American culture remains, even if U.S. troops are gone. And the numbers suggest an economic rebound. Iraq is producing about three million barrels of oil per day – levels they haven't seen since Saddam Hussein was in charge.

But ordinary Iraqis are still waiting to share in those profits and to live in safety:

(Source: CNN)

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