Iraq to Increase Basra Light Exports for 2nd Half Aug

By John Lee.

Bloomberg reports that Iraq will increase its exports of Basrah Light crude from the Persian Gulf by 6 percent in the second half of August, compared with the previous two-week period.

According to the loading program, Iraq will ship 23 cargoes from the al-Basrah Oil Terminal (ABOT) (pictured), three more than in the first half of this month. Exports will total 35.72 million barrels, or 2.23 million bpd, compared with 2.11 million bpd two weeks earlier.

There are planned to be:

  • 14 consignments of 2 million barrels each;
  • six 1 million-barrel lots; and,
  • one lot each of 715,000, 556,000 and 444,000 barrels.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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