Iraq says Shell Denies Oil Talks with KRG

By John Lee.

According to a statement on Wednesday from the office of Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussain al-Shahristani, Shell has denied starting talks on possible energy deals with Iraqi Kurdistan.

"We don't have any discussions with the Kurdish regional government about working in the region," Shell's vice-president Hans Nijkamp is reported to have said.

Repeating a statement made last week, a spokesman for the company told Reuters, "over time, we want to work in all of Iraq, but for the time being we've got three mega-projects on the go (in southern Iraq)."

The Anglo-Dutch major is at work in Iraq's supergiant southern oilfields of Majnoon, where it is the operator, and West Qurna-1, where it is Exxon's junior partner. The company is also in a $17 billion gas joint venture along with Mitsubishi.

(Sources: Reuters, Bloomberg, AIN)

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