Erbil International Fair - Deadline for Visas

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Please note that for foreign visitors to the Erbil International Fair, the final deadline to apply for a visa to Kurdistan is Wednesday October 3rd, 2012.

Pre-approved entry permits to Kurdistan are required for all nationalities except for EU, US, Canadian, Australian, Turkish and Iranian passport holders. Upon arrival to Kurdistan, Kurdish authorities will stamp passports with a 10 day entry permit. Visas to Kurdistan will be processed by IFP free of charge. Visas are valid for 10 days with the possibility to extend up to 15 days.

Documents needed:

  • Colored scan of passport page with full name, photo & passport number
  • Colored scan of passport expiry date page, if not found on page with full name, photo & passport number
  • Email documents to Ms. Aline Farah +961 5 959111 ext. 111 who will process your visa application [email protected]

*NOTE: Entry permits to Kurdistan are issued by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG Ministry of Interior) not by the Iraqi Central Government; therefore the point of entry to Iraqi territory should be the Province of Kurdistan.

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