Iraq’s Petroleum Sector Development - Opportunities & Challenges

By Ahmed Mousa Jiyad.

Since mid-2009 Iraq has been pursuing aggressive strategy to develop the country’s petroleum sector, especially the upstream and midstream subsectors. Such development efforts would, if realized, bring outstanding results for Iraq and the world petroleum market. However, there are huge uncertainties and formidable challenges in the path of such unprecedented expansion.

The attached PowerPoint presentation aims at and is structured to provide comprehensive but brief review of the main features of the Iraqi petroleum policy and development strategy. It is based on different official statements, declared objectives, sectoral plans, concluded contracts and international cooperation modalities, among others.

To be specific the presentation focuses on the following main topics:

  • Augments Petroleum Proven Reserves
  • Enhance Production Capacities
  • Expand and Diversify Export Outlets and market configuration
  • Increase Gas Utilization & Reduce Gas Flaring
  • Develop Refining Capacities & Petrochemical Industry
  • FDI-IOCs Involvement & International Cooperation
  • NES, NDP and Managing the Plenty from Sustainable Development and Macroeconomic Perspectives
  • Main Determinants Facing Iraq’s Petroleum Strategy

Please click here to view Ahmed Mousa Jiyad's presentation.

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