New Election Officials: "Lots Of People Question Our Abilities"

NIQASH: Provincial elections are very important for the various political blocs in Iraq. Is IHEC coming under any pressure from these yet?

Al-Moussawi: IHEC is always accused of succumbing to political pressure but it’s just not true. We’ve gone so far as to meet with many political leaders and to stress the importance of our independence. Any attempt to interfere with our work just reflects negatively on everyone.

NIQASH: And finally, how optimistic are you that the elections can be held according to schedule – that is, on April 20 next year?

Al-Moussawi: We have actually already come up with a time line delineating the different phases before the election. Until now, we’ve been able to stick to schedule and up until now, all the other official bodies have been supporting us and giving us what we need.

So yes, barring any emergencies, I am optimistic that elections will be able to be held on the scheduled day.

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