Iraq Launches National Education Strategy

The Government of Iraq has launched a new national education strategy to improve access to quality education for Iraq’s 33 million citizens.

“This is Iraq’s first ever national education strategy, which is unique in both Iraq and the region,” said Dr. Mohammed Ali Tamim, Iraq’s Minister of Education. “This strategy will respond to the needs of over 8 million students presently in school and an additional 3 million students in alternative education programmes.”

The strategy focuses on a number of components, including providing free and accessible education to children and youth from pre-school to higher education as well as ensuring a high quality education based on global best practices.

“This strategy presents a serious and ambitious roadmap to bring about a qualitative improvement in Iraq’s education sector,” said Dr. Ali Al-Adib, Iraq’s Minister of Higher Education. “The investments that it sets out will improve the political, economic, social and technical structures in the country.”

The strategy aims to enhance social reintegration and cohesion as well as prevent social exclusion within Iraqi society. It calls for financial resources to be dedicated to ensure adequate educational, psychological and social support for the most marginalized individuals across Iraq.

Key educational targets in the strategy include increasing Iraq’s pre-school enrolment rate from the current rate of 7 per cent, to 22per cent by 2020, as well as the primary school enrolment rate from today's 93 per cent to 98 per cent by the end of 2015.

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