Iraq Declared 'EITI Compliant'

The decision of the Board on the EITI status of Iraq is given below in full:

Text of Board decision: Iraq

The EITI Board designates Iraq as EITI Compliant as of 12 December 2012. In recognition of the issues emerging from the 2009 EITI report and validation process, the Board will write to the Iraq MSG to congratulate the government of Iraq and the Iraq EITI Council for their sustained commitment and leadership of the EITI process, and to remind them that:

1. In accordance with the EITI Rules, Iraq is required to include all material revenue payments in their EITI reporting (requirement 9). To this end, the Board requires the inclusion of oil and gas production in the Kurdistan Region and sales revenue to the Kurdish Regional Government to be addressed in the 2010 EITI report.

2. The Board noted the importance of setting a reasonable materiality threshold to ensure that the EITI reports are comprehensive. To this end, the Board called on the MSG to work toward reducing the materiality threshold for the 2011 and subsequent reports.

3. The EITI Rules also require that civil society is fully, independently, actively and effectively engaged in the EITI progress (Requirement 6). Significant concerns have been expressed in the validation report and from some stakeholders about the engagement of civil society. With this in mind and mindful of the challenges in Iraq, the Board will take a close interest in the proposed process for selection of the new IEITI MSG and onward engagement of civil society.

Furthermore, the International Secretariat will conduct a thorough analysis of the forthcoming2010 EITI Report, with a particular focus on the above issues and report to the Board through the Implementation Progress Report.

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