Iraq Declared 'EITI Compliant'

In accordance with the EITI Rules:

• Iraq must be revalidated within 5 years (i.e. 12 December 2017). The MSG is advised that the Board is currently reviewing the validation procedures, including proposals relating to timing for revalidation of compliant countries. Accordingly this deadline may be modified;

• Stakeholders in the process may call for a new validation at any time within that period if they think the process needs reviewing;

• Where valid concerns exist that a country has become EITI Compliant, but its implementation of the EITI has subsequently fallen below the standard required for Compliance, then the Board reserves the right to require the country to undergo a new validation or face delisting from the EITI;

• In accordance with the 2011 edition of the EITI Rules, Iraq is required to produce EITI reports annually. EITI Reports should cover data no older than the second to last complete accounting period (i.e., Compliant countries must publish an EITI report by 31 December 2012 to meet the requirement for timely reporting); and

•In accordance with requirement 21©, Iraq is required to publish a public report annually on the previous year’s activities, detailing progress in implementing the EITI and any recommendations from the validator.

(Source: EITI)

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