First Boeing 777 Enhances Iraqi Airways Fleet

Iraqi Airways received the first Boeing 777 aircraft for its fleet during a delivery ceremony at the Baghdad International Airport on December 15, 2012.

The ceremony was attended by the Iraqi Minister of Transportation, Mr. Hadi al-Ameri, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Stephen Beecroft, Boeing officials Donald A. Galvanin and Alan W. Smith, as well as representatives from the Government of Iraq and the private sector. The delivery of this aircraft reinforces the U.S.-Iraqi economic relationship, as outlined by the Strategic Framework Agreement.

The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad worked closely with Iraqi Airways and Boeing to complete the sale. The Boeing 777 is the first of many Boeing aircraft Iraqi Airways is expected to receive in the coming years as it seeks to expand its fleet and the movement of people and goods across Iraq’s borders, strengthening Iraq’s economy and linkages with the outside world. The fleet expansion and relationship with Boeing is also significant for the U.S. economy, helping to create private-sector jobs in the United States.

Ambassador Beecroft stated during the ceremony:

"The addition of a Boeing 777 -- the world’s largest twin engine jet -- to the growing Iraqi Airways fleet is yet another sign of Iraq’s expanding role in the global economy. Today’s event is a great example of how the United States and Iraq continue to strengthen our partnership in building stability and prosperity."

(Source: US Embassy)

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