UNAMI and UN Women Support Female Parliamentarians

The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and UN Women have just concluded a two-day workshop on negotiation and mediation for women members of the Kurdistan Parliament. The workshop, co-organized by the Kurdish Assembly, brought together lawmakers committed to expanding the meaningful role of women in negotiation and mediation processes.

“Having women in key positions can impact positively on sustainable peace and development in the Kurdistan Region,” underlined Ms. Frances Guy, UN Women Representative in Iraq.

The workshop’s participants identified a series of recommendations, which include reserving 30 percent of seats for women on the Negotiations Council, establishing a ‘Security Council Resolution 1325 peace group’ in the Parliament to support women's role in peacebuilding, and applying a 70/30 gender ratio to all political parties.

The women MPs also agreed to review the regional gender strategy to ensure that women are equally represented throughout regional leadership roles.

This workshop is one of many initiatives that the UN has organized across Iraq to empower women and increase their political inclusion. “UNAMI and UN Women are committed to collaborating with institutions in the Kurdistan Region, as well as the Monitoring Board on Women's Rights, the High Council on Women's Affairs and civil society organizations,” said Ms. Idah Muema, Gender Advisor for UNAMI. “UNAMI and its partners will continue to provide follow-up support, as requested.”

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