Iraq-US Cmte for Cultural and Educational Cooperation

Primary and Secondary Education

The U.S. and Iraq are working to strengthen primary school management, improve primary and secondary teachers’ pedagogical skills, and enhance access to quality education for girls and vulnerable groups.

  • 1,500 Iraqi secondary school students in all Iraqi provinces are currently participating in the English Access Microscholarship Program, which provides English language classes to disadvantaged youth.
  • A partnership between USAID and the Iraqi Ministry of Education is improving teaching skills, enhancing education policy-making processes, and developing the management and monitoring abilities of ministry inspectors and primary school supervisors.

Cultural Heritage

The United States, Iraq, and premier American academic institutions, museums, and NGOs are collaborating to build Iraq’s capacity to preserve and manage its national sites, monuments, and collections of world importance.

  • U.S. support for training and education in cultural heritage preservation continued in the summer of 2012 with an additional $420,000 grant to expand the architectural and site preservation curriculum at the Iraqi Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage in Erbil.
  • In preparation for its re-opening, the National Museum of Iraq received extensive U.S.-funded upgrades for its galleries, collection storage facilities, conservation labs, and environmental control systems.
  • The United States supported the Iraqi Museum Residencies Program, which brought 27 Iraqi cultural heritage professionals to the United States in summer 2012 for a residency at the Museum Studies Program of George Washington University.
  • The U.S.-funded Babylon site management plan produced through U.S.-Iraqi collaboration with the World Monuments Fund is nearing completion, and physical preservation work is underway on Babylon’s most complete ancient temple. With the support of an additional $1 million grant from the United States, the Babylon project is developing new courses to teach site management planning to the directors of sites throughout Iraq.
  • A new grant of $700,000 from the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad funds the Mosul University Archaeology Program, a university partnership between Mosul University and Boston University to help Iraq re-establish its tradition of excellence in higher education in the fields of archaeology and cultural heritage management.
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