Iraq Remains Largest Importer of Jordanian Products

Iraq is still considered Jordan's best market for exports ahead of Saudi Arabia, India and the United States, according to the Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI).

According to ACI statistical report, Jordanian exports to Iraq by the end of November of last year reached JD813 million, accounting by 22 per cent of the Chamber's exports.

Exports to KSA came second with JD379 million, followed by India with JD315 million then USA with JD286 million, while exports to Syria declined to JD69 million compared with the same period of 2011 with JD138 million.

Describing the Iraqi market as "vital", ACI First Deputy Chairman, Fathi Jaghbir (pictured), told Petra that both countries have commonalities in people and geography which gives the Jordanian product great opportunity to be marketed within the Iraqi market, along with its competitive quality.

He also hailed the meetings of the Jordan-Iraq higher committee and its resolutions, voicing hope it would help pave the way for the flow of goods between the two countries.

(Source: Petra)

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