AnaeCo, Repindo, sign MOU for Basra Waste Project

AnaeCo and Repindo Resources have signed a MOU to cooperatively explore the implementation of AnaeCo’s DiCOM™ Alternative Waste Technology (AWT) at a suitable site in Basra.

Under the terms of the MOU the parties will consider the technical and commercial feasibility of deploying AnaeCo’s patented DiCOM™ solution, under licence in Basra. AnaeCo would manage the design and commissioning of a potential 500,000 tonnes per annum facility and Repindo would have project management and construction responsibilities.

The waste facility under consideration will be owned and operated by a joint venture company between Repindo Resources Pty Ltd and Basra Governorate Council. It will offer a sustainable solution for the continuous growth in Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to the region. Repindo is working with Basra Governorate Council to bring the 500,000 tonnes per annum facility to fruition.

Bill Knowles, Director of Technology and Infrastructure Repindo, said:

"We are committed to implementing solutions for waste management, which are environmentally friendly and commercially sustainable, across Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. AnaeCo’s DiCOM™ System aligns perfectly with Repindo’s goals. Their world leading technology provides a sustainable solution for the essential service of waste management."

Patrick Kedemos, Managing Director & CEO of AnaeCo, added:

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with an innovative company such as Repindo. Their core values, especially their focus on delivering an environmentally sustainable solution to address the issue of waste management, align perfectly with AnaeCo’s key capabilities. I look forward to successfully cooperating with Repindo on this significant project and in establishing a fruitful partnership with them in emerging geographies."

(Source: AnaeCo)

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