Dewan to Design Nakheel City in Basra

The province of Basra has awarded Dewan Architects and Engineers the contract to design the sprawling Al Nakheel City, for which the foundation stone was recently laid.

As a modern urban development, the Al-Nakheel City is expected to provide world-class and modern sustainable living, working, and living solutions for the population of Basra and help alleviate the housing shortages in the province.

The decision for Dewan Architects & Engineers to participate and eventually be awarded this strategic project was based on the firm's desire to actively participate in the active rebuilding of Iraq's booming building sector, and the firm's deep-rooted commitment to helping revive the architectural heritage of the country, which is home to mankind's first urban settlements.

The design phase, as well as the scheduling and prioritizing of the project's construction phases, is expected to be finalised by December 2013; one year from the date of commencement as committed to the Governorate.

Mohamed Al Assam, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Dewan, commented:

"As a major supporter of the construction efforts in the Iraqi housing sector, we are extremely pleased to be part of this significant project, which will see the establishment of an integrated community within a nurturing and sustainable environment. We will utilise the vast expertise gained from working in the UAE, which has become a regional hub of world-class developments in the region, to ensure that all the governorate's and other stake holder's objectives are met and exceeded."

He added:

"This project's importance stems from the fact that the city of Basra not only represents the only marine gateway to Iraq, but that it also serves as the main axis of trade into the Arabian Gulf and the region. In addition it serves as the economic capital of Iraq, and is home to a number of cultural and historical monuments.

"In light of this, our designs will incorporate different elements that are consistent with the region's cultural and historical elements. These requirements will blend seamlessly by utilising design best practices in modern urban planning, ensuring that Nakheel City is designed to the highest creative and environmental standards without sacrificing the local context and cultural peculiarities of Basra."

The Nakheel City is located 35 kilometres from Basra city overlooking Khor Abd Allah, near the Faw and Umm Qasr seaports, in an area of natural water and creeks. The project's location boasts a unique ecological and geographical environment, and the development will be promoted as an eco-tourism destination.

Covering a total built up area of 145 square kilometres, the new city will be able to accommodate and provide services to approximately one million people at the culmination of its 25 year development milestone.

It will include 100,000 medium and high-end housing units, a robust industrial zone and a hub for free zone activity, as well as a port and airport for private jets and domestic flights, all of which is aimed at supporting the economic development of the region.

Nakheel City will also provide high medical, advanced education and recreational cultural facilities, and will support regional tourism through the development of high-end tourist resorts. In addition, it will contribute to the revitalisation of the river ports and industrial zone and boost business activities between itself and other ports.

(Source: AMEinfo)

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