13,000 and Counting

By John Lee.

A partner at a London-based financial advisory business has suggested Iraq as a true frontier market investment, saying:

The greatest opportunities for emerging market investors have always come when political chaos coincides with a dire media consensus, and a major underlying economic improvement is thereby ignored. Iraq stands firmly in this tradition of missed investor opportunities.

While we agree with the general thrust of his argument, regular readers of Iraq Business News will be aware that there are many sides to the Iraq story; the consensus of the rest of the media may indeed be dire, but we've shown that there is plenty of good news to be found on the business front.  For example, this week alone we've published 18 new business opportunites in our Tenders section.

And we're pleased to report that the value of fair and balanced reporting hasn't gone unnoticed. Last week the list of subscribers to our free weekly newsletter surpassed 13,000 and it continues to grow. If you’ve found Iraq Business News useful, why not forward this link to your friends and colleagues so that they can benefit too.

Also at your service are Upper Quartile and AAIB, who have plenty of experience assisting businesses in Iraq. For more information please contact Gavin Jones or Adrian Shaw.

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