Iraqi Ministers Attend Arab Development Summit

By John Lee.

Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz opened the Arab Summit of Economic and Social Development in the presence of Arab kings and presidents in Riyadh on Monday.

His Excellency the Vice President, Dr. Khudair Khuzaie presided the delegation of the Republic of Iraq to this summit. The delegation included the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hoshyar Zebari and the ministers of trade, planning, industry and human rights.

The summit will discuss a number of topics and economic and social decisions that interest the Arab citizen in a period the region faces major shifts and Arab peoples looking to fix their positions and develop their societies in general.

The joint meeting of Arab Foreign, Economic and Finance Ministers raised to the summit a collection of draft resolutions adopted, involving inter-Arab investment, and an Arab strategy to develop the use of renewable energy, and to counter non-communicable diseases.

(Source: MOFA)

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