$13m Detained Ceylon Tea Arrives In Iraq

By Matthew Gayle.

According to Lanka Business Online, approximately 100 containers of Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka started arriving in Iraq two weeks after a meeting between trade and commerce ministers from both countries. The containers, worth an estimated $13 million, were detained at the Iraq-Kuwait border, Aqaba Free Trade Zone of Jordan, and Umm Qast port of Iraq on February 19 following a change of testing parameters.

Sri Lankan Commerce Minister, Rishad Bathiudeen summoned a stakeholder session on February 20, and Bathiudeen and Iraqi Minister of Trade Kheer-allah Hassan Babaker Muhammad successfully completed bilateral trade talks two days later. Following the trade talks, Minister Bathiudeen and Minister Babaker Muhammad worked out the release of the detained containers.

(Source: Lanka Business, SL Daily News)

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