KRG Minister Signs Barzan Water Projects

By John Lee.

The KRG Minister of Municipalities and Tourism recently signed an agreement with ARGE Company; the ceremony was attended by Governor of Hawler, General Consul of Turkey in Hawler (Erbil), general director of water for Erbil province, the Mayor of Mergasor and the manager of implementing company.

Later in a press conference the Minister told the press:

"This project aims to end drinking water crises in 51 villages in the region for next 25 years ... the project is part of the KRG budget, costing 96 billion dinars and in must be finished in 720 days."

Nawzad Hadi, Governor of Erbil, said:

"It's the duty of the Governorate and Ministry to provide water to citizens equally and everywhere in the province, but some villages have long-standing problems with their water networks. The company has good experience in solving such issues as they finished Mergasor water project successfully in recent times."

(Source: Erbil Governorate)

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