UN Welcomes Outcome of Ramadi Meeting

The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq (SRSG), Mr. Martin Kobler (pictured), welcomed the successful outcome of yesterday’s meeting in Ramadi between the protest leaders, senior governorate officials and military and police commanders.

“I respect and greatly appreciate their commitment to seeking a peaceful exit out of the dangerous standoff,” he said. “This meeting significantly contributed to defusing the tensions.”

Mr. Kobler also commended the recent initiative undertaken by the Governor of Salahuddin, Mr. Ahmed Abdulla Abed, to peacefully end the standoff in Suleiman Bek last week. “I was enormously encouraged to learn that those who are on the ground clearly expressed their strong objection to escalation and opted for dialogue rather than the use of force to address the problems they were faced with,” he added.

Mr. Kobler reassured all those who aspire to find peaceful solutions to the current stalemate that the United Nations will stand by them to fully support their efforts.

(Source: UN)

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