Kartet Re-Applies for Iraq Power Exports

Kartet, a subsidiary of the Turkish conglomerate Karadeniz Holding, has reportedly re-applied for a licence to export 200MW from Turkey to Iraq.

According to the report from Argus, such exports ceased in 2011, but Kartet has applied to export power through the 154kV Turkey-Iraq power interconnector. The regulator EPDK will give other firms until 20th May to apply for the licence; if there is more than one bidder, grid operator Teias will put the business out to tender. Bidding firms would also likely need to have an agreement with the Iraqi government for exports.

Nuray Atacik, head of commercial operations at Karadeniz Holding, told Reuters:

"We've been in talks about this for a long time. The main target is to sell electricity to Mosul."

(Sources: Argus, Reuters)

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