Head of Italy’s Iraqi Task Force visits Kurdistan

The Head of Iraqi Task Force at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Massimo Bellelli, visited Kurdistan on Sunday to brief KRG officials about current and future projects.

Italy currently has an Embassy Consular Office in Erbil headed by Dr Simone De Santi.

Speaking about Italy’s commitment and engagement, Mr Bellelli discussed several projects in the agriculture and health industries – both key areas for the KRG. He touched on an initiative to build two industrial parks in Iraq, including one in Kurdistan.

He said, “We are planning to settle a programme for visiting doctors in the Kurdistan Region to change knowledge with clinics and help develop the health sector.”

Minister Falah Mustafa, Head of KRG Department of Foreign Relations, expressed the KRG’s appreciation for the important role Italy plays. He also underlined willingness for the region to co-share projects in line with the KRG’s programme.

The two sides also spoke about efforts to transition into a Consulate General. Minister Mustafa said, “We have seen much desire from Italy to be engaged in important areas in Kurdistan.”

Later this year, there will be a high-level meeting at UNESCO and Mr Bellelli said that he would present the meeting with several projects undergoing in Kurdistan, including discussions for the production of olive oil.

Minister Mustafa spoke about ties with the Federal Government in Baghdad and relations with neighbouring countries. He emphasised the KRG’s call for an end to the bloodshed in Syria and a peaceful transition to democracy.

He later commended Dr Simone De Santi, Head of the Italian Consular Office in Erbil, for his personal efforts in broadening ties.

(Source: KRG)

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