Major New Report on the Iraqi Banking Sector

Singapore-based Sansar Capital Management has issued a comprehensive new report on the Iraqi banking sector.

The report finds that while the mix of an improving macro environment and security situation offer attractive investment ingredients, many challenges remain for those interested in participating through public markets.

Nevertheless, Iraq remains one of the most under-banked countries in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region, while most Iraqi banks are overcapitalised, sitting on large sums of underutilised cash; this gives significant scope for expansion, and opportunities for investors.

In addition to providing a detailed analysis of the industry, the report examines the Iraqi private bank sector through the lens of the five largest private banks, ranked by deposit size:

  • North Bank (BNOR);
  • Bank of Baghdad (BBOB);
  • Iraqi Middle East Investment Bank (BIME);
  • Kurdistan International Bank (BKUI); and,
  • Dar Es Salaam Investment Bank (BDSI).

Please click here to download the full 64-page report free of charge.

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