New Electronic Food Voucher System

“The technical workshop and consultative meeting we are holding together with the Government of Iraq over the next few days present an excellent opportunity to build upon the policy analysis and recommendations of our jointly published report in December 2012 on Food Security, Living Conditions and Social Transfers in Iraq,” said WFP Representative and Country Director Edward Kallon. The report highlighted the vital role of the PDS in ensuring food security and decent living standards for the poorest households.

“We expect that this workshop and the subsequent national consultative seminar will pave the way to implement a pilot project in specific areas in Iraq to examine the feasibility and benefits of adopting electronic cards to provide Iraqi citizens with an improved service and a food basket that will help improve food security in Iraq and contribute to the growth of our national economy,” said Deputy Minister of Planning Mahdi M. Al-Alak. “The evaluation of the results of the pilot project will inform our decision on the possibility of adopting electronic cards within the PDS on a national scale.”

The workshop will also examine the possibility of designing alternative PDS food baskets that would include more locally procured items, contributing to improved food security in the country and supporting the Iraqi economy. The review of the PDS food basket is one of the recommendations of the High Committee for the Reform of the PDS.

(Source: UNAMI)

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