Zebari Discusses Issues with Kerry

The US Secretary of State John Kerry telephoned Iraq's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hoshyar Zebari, on Sunday to discuss a number of issues.

Mr. Kerry praised the breakthrough made in the country's political situation and the Prime Minister's visit to the region of Kurdistan, stressing that the US administration always urges Iraqi leaders to adopt dialogue and communication and to search for solutions within the constitutional, federal democratic system.

Kerry also expressed US administration's support for the efforts of Iraq and Kuwait to end all files and move on to a new stage of constructive cooperation. He briefed the Iraqi side with the recent shift in the USposition on the Syrian crisis focusing on finding a political settlement through the Geneva II Conference.

Mr. Zebari stressed that the Iraqi government and its official policy does not support, under any pretext ,any participation of Iraqi volunteers or militias members in the fighting in Syria, , and that Iraq's policy is firm in neutrality and non-militarization of the conflict, and does not support a party at the expense of another, rather it supports a political settlement and the Geneva Conference, affirming that Iraq has taken, and will take measures to prevent transferring military supplies via the Iraqi airspace to Syria.

The Foreign Minister expressed the Iraqi government's appreciation to the US president's decision to extend protection and immunity of the Iraqi funds in US banks for an additional year.

(Source: MoFA)

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