Barzani, McGurk Discuss Iraq, Syria

President Masoud Barzani met with US State Department senior advisor Brett McGurk to discuss the recent political developments in Iraq and in the wider region.

Mr. McGurk lauded the recent rapprochement between the Erbil and Baghdad, including the visit to Erbil by Prime Minister Maliki and his meeting with President Barzani. He expressed US government’s support for this reconciliation and urged the President to play a role in resolving disputes between other Iraqi leaders.

President Barzani described the meeting with Prime Minister Maliki last week as positive but reiterated that practical progress needs to be made for full trust to be restored. He added that he is prepared to play a role in diffusing other problems in Iraq.

The President and the US State Department advisor also talked about the crisis in Syria, particularly the plight of more than 150,000 Syrian refugees in Kurdistan. President Barzani criticized international organizations and the international community in general for overlooking and failing to help Syrian refuges in Kurdistan. Mr. McGurk praised the hospitality offered to the refugees by the KRG and said his will convey the message from the President to the US government.

(Source: KRG)

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