Zebari Meets UN Security Council

Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari met on June 19, 2013 ambassadors of the five permanent members of the Security Council accredited to Baghdad, and Deputy Representative of the United Nations (UNAMI) in Iraq, to inform them of the situation and view of Iraq on deliberations currently under way for a new resolution in the Security Council about ending Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII.

The Minister stressed the importance of the new resolution to be clear and explicit concerning Iraq's fulfillment of its international obligations as stipulated in UN Security Council resolutions relating to Iraq - Kuwait relations.

Minister Zebari expressed the government's appreciation for the supportive stance of the five permanent members for both Iraq and Kuwait to resolve the remaining issues as a result of Saddam's invasion of Kuwait.

The Ambassadors praised the great efforts made by the Iraqi and Kuwaiti parties to resolve their differences through peaceful and civilized means taking into account the interests of both countries.

The meeting was attended by ministry undersecretary, consultants, and head of the Department of organizations and Director of the Minister's Office.

(Source: MoFA)

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