Iraq Moves Troops To Syrian Border

The car bombings left 30 people dead, including members of the police force.

Police said that the deadliest attacks took place in the Shiite city of Kut, near the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, where they targeted an industrial zone and a gathering for construction workers.

It seemed clear that the bombings targeted civilians, as two car bombs exploded almost at the same time in a shopping area in the Shiite city of Basra, killing five people.

Another car bomb killed at least seven in the Shiite city of Najaf.

Last month was the bloodiest month since 2008, as 1,045 civilians and security members were killed.

Yet, these bombings have a different objective this time, according to a security assistant for Maliki at the office of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

In a statement to Al-Monitor, Zuheir al-Jalabi, a Sunni consultant in the security division within Maliki’s office, confirmed that he has “information on al-Qaeda in Iraq’s new plan to force the troops to concentrate in the cities, in which the bombings and acts of violence take place.”

Jalabi said, “Gunmen want to reduce the pressure that has been imposed on them by the Iraqi military at the border for several months.”

He also said, “The bombings in Iraq increase every time Syrian fighters who oppose the Syrian regime sustain painful military strikes, as just happened in the Qusair battle.”

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