Tribal Leaders Sign Peace Charter in Diyala

By Mohamed Tamimi.

This article was originally published by Al-Monitor. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News.

Two hundred sheikhs from Shiite and Sunni tribes in Diyala province have signed a charter of honor that forbids the shedding of Iraqi blood and rejects violence and extremism.

In a statement to Al-Hayat, Sheikh Raed Malla Jawad al-Tamimi indicated that “sheikhs representing 200 tribes from both sects signed a charter of honor that forbids Iraqi bloodshed in Muqdadiyah, northeast of Baqubah, in order to counter the attempts of armed organizations to spark strife in the province.”

Sheikh Selman al-Jabouri, a sheikh of the Jabour tribe, which shares the district with the Tamim tribes, said that “the charter of honor will hinder any attempts by al-Qaeda and the Islamist Iraqi state to spark a civil war.”

He pointed out that “the tragedy of the 2006-2007 war awakened the tribes to the urgency of promoting peace. Moreover, the charter of honor includes articles that forbid giving shelter to armed militants, supporting them or allowing them to exploit tribal regions.”

Sheikh of al-Anza tribe Nasser al-Haza affirmed that “the charter will prevent the return of al-Qaeda.” He also called on security bodies to “prove their competence and deter any attempts to disturb stability.”

Provocative flyers were found in several towns and districts of Diyala, threatening Shiite and Sunni families and urging them to leave multi-sectarian regions. Meanwhile, the Tigris Operations Command deployed dozens of its members and set up search checkpoints at the entrances of neighborhoods and main streets.

In Kirkuk, Arabs in support of the protests in the governorate condemned the attack against the general coordinator of the protest committees, Bounyan Sabbar al-Abidi, blaming it on anti-protest groups.

A statement, a copy of which Al-Hayat received, indicated that “Abidi paid for his national stands and speeches that defended the rights of Iraqis in general.” The statement also called on the security bodies to pursue those responsible and hand them in to the judicial authorities.

(Source: Al Monitor)

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