Weekly Security Update 26 June - 04 July 2013

Further west a senior Iraqi police officer was killed when a bomb exploded inside his car and a second blast came five minutes later as police and bystanders gathered near the wreckage of the vehicle in the city of Ramadi in Anbar province. Ten people died in those blasts. In a continuation of recent attacks in Al-Anbar against government backed Sunni militias the ISF reported that police had also discovered the bodies of eight former members of a government-backed Sunni militia who had been killed execution-style and dumped near the town Tarmiya, 25 km north west of the capital.

In the south of the country a suicide bomber attacked a funeral in the mainly Shi'ite city of Dujail, killing at least four others and local security forces fuelling further concerns that the violence is once again shifting countrywide exacerbating the sectarian gulf. These attacks followed bomb blasts in coffee shops and other targets that killed at least 22 on Thursday.

The weekend and start of the new week saw no respite in levels of violence. A bomb planted near a yard where people were playing football killed 12 people on Sunday and a further 24 people were wounded in the blast in the town of Nahrawan, south of the capital Baghdad. Over the course of the week men playing in local football league fixtures and those watching events have been the targets however the reasons are not clear other than by virtue of their nature these events provide a convenient and easy target. Previously on Saturday, bombs targeting soccer players and young men who had gathered to watch a match killed 7 people.

Over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week the focal point of violence shifted toward Baghdad and those areas just north of the city where Shia communities bore the brunt of the majority of the violence. A suicide bombing in a coffee shop in a Shi'ite district of the city of Baquba, about 50 km northeast of Baghdad, brought Monday's death toll to 27.

Highlighting the risks of sectarian violence spillover, security forces destroyed an insurgent camp near the Iraqi town of Baaj, around 30 km from the Syrian border, killing 10 gunmen who were not of Iraqi origin, the ISF reported. Three members of the security forces also died in the clashes.

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    Dujail in southern Iraq??!!