Weekly Security Update 04 - 09 July 2013

On the domestic front the most notable incidents this week were a suicide bomber who killed 15 people as they left a Shi'ite mosque in the Iraqi capital on Friday and a separate attack on Sunni protesters, which killed seven, ISF sources reported.

In Baghdad's northwestern district of Graiaat, witnesses said guards at the exit to the Shi'ite mosque stopped a woman who then blew herself up amidst worshippers leaving after sunset prayers. The second attack on Sunni protesters took place in Samarra, 100 km north of Baghdad, one of several cities where Sunnis have been protesting against Iraq's Shi'ite-led government since December.

Suicide bombings are the hallmark of the ISI Iraq campaign and one of numerous reasons why they are increasingly unpopular with the Sunni community.

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