Sumitomo Invests in Iraqi Car Service Firm

In April 2013, it dispatched resident employee to Erbil, which has a good public safety record and is undergoing dramatic economic development. Sumitomo Corporation has also established a base in Basra in the south where oil resources are abundant. With these footholds, Sumitomo Corporation will continue to operate steel, automobile, construction equipment, infrastructure and other businesses.

Through SAS, Sumitomo Corporation provides not only Japanese-standard vehicle maintenance and repair services but also high-quality Japanese brand products to develop the safe auto environment surrounding Toyota cars.

Meanwhile, SAS is planning to establish an in-house training center to provide training for new Toyota engineers. Sumitomo Corporation strives and endeavors to create local employment and providing training, including improving the skills of Iraqi engineers, will create vitality in the post-war reconstruction of the country, while simultaneously making social contributions in Iraq.

Outline of SAS Automotive Services Ltd after the third-party allocation of shares:

  • Company name : SAS Automotive Services Co., Ltd.
  • Established : July 2012
  • Location : Baghdad, Republic of Iraq
  • Representative : Sardar Hassan
  • Capital : About 720 million yen
  • Ownership ratio : Sardar Group 55%, Sumitomo Corporation 45%
  • Main business : Car maintenance and repairs of Toyota cars, sales of repair parts, sales of cars

(Source: Sumitomo)

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