Unaoil joins Leighton in Denying Iraq Allegations

By John Lee.

The Australian reports that the company at the centre of the Leighton Holdings bribery allegations has denied any involvement in corruption in Iraq, or having links to the Oil Minister and Prime Minister.

Unaoil, which is based in Monaco, was alleged to have been paid kickbacks by Leighton to secure an oil pipeline contract from the Iraqi government. According to Fairfax Media, Unaoil, which is run by an Iranian family, had close ties to Oil Minister Shahristani and Prime Minister al-Maliki.

But in a statement the company said:

"Unaoil takes great offence from, and categorically denies, any allegations that we engaged in improper conduct in relation to our work with Leighton on the ICOEEP (Iraq Crude Oil Export Expansion Project)."

It added that it had been cleared of any wrongdoing following an external investigation.

(Source: The Australian)

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