UNESCO, EU Launch Groundwater Project

Based on the baseline of existing knowledge established by UNESCO during the first phase of this project in 2010, this new advanced survey will serve to update the information available, and improve governmental capacities in terms of interpretation, exploration, and sustainable utilization of hydrogeological resources, in addition to aquifers and soil management - a key factor to address water shortages and promote sustainable agricultural development.

Through an EU fund of five million Euros, "ASHRI 2" aims to update the information available and improve the government's management of the country's groundwater. Building upon UNESCO's long experience and studies in the field of drought and water resources management in Iraq, this programme will be crucial to address water shortage and its dangerous outcomes on health and environment.

The EU’s objective for cooperation with Iraq has been to help Iraq mobilise its own resources for recovery and development, with the support of the international community. EU support to Iraq from 2003 to the end of 2012 amounts to over 1 billion Euros targeting mainly the following sectors: basic services such as education, health, water and sanitation, infrastructure; political and electoral process; support to refugees and IDPs; rule of law; human rights; and capacity building of Iraqi institutions.

(Source: UN)

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