UK "Should be Partner of Choice for Kurdistan"

By John Lee.

The British Consul General in Erbil, Hugh Evans, has told Rudaw that businesses should use Kurdistan as a gateway for the rest of Iraq.

He added:

"We realize there are political problems in the energy industry (with Baghdad threatening oil companies working in the south that they cannot work in Kurdistan too), and we want the two sides to make a long-term energy settlement. BP is working in Kirkuk; it is a private company, they make their own decisions based on their commercial interests and we respect that."

The Consul General said it is a core part of the UK's strategy to broaden and deepen relations with Iraqi Kurdistan:

"We want the UK to be a partner of choice for Kurdistan. Britain is open for business, and we want to encourage Kurds to look at the UK. It is a two-way process."

(Source: Rudaw)

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