Kurdistan Moves from Oil Exploration to Production

Kurdistan’s oil and gas has been a force for stability and will benefit all the people of Iraq, Kurdistan Region Deputy Prime Minister Imad Ahmed told the second day of the CWC Kurdistan Iraq Oil and Gas Conference.

He said, ‘Kurdistan has good relations with Turkey and will continue to develop its relations with Iran. The Kurdistan Region has not been the cause of instability in the region, but to the contrary it has played an important and positive role in the stability of our neighbours. The whole of Iraq’s people and our neighbours will benefit from Kurdistan’s oil and gas resources.’

The Deputy Prime Minister was speaking at the closing session of the conference at which speakers concluded that Kurdistan is moving from the exploration phase to development and production.

Dr Ashti Hawrami, the Minister of Natural Resources, replying to a question about the consolidation of the oil and gas industry and the possible entry of China into Kurdistan said, ‘We are moving from exploration to production. Next year we will be talking about how much we produced and how much we exported. The direction of the industry, and the companies and their consolidation, is a market driven process. We play a role in identifying investments and technology, and will guide the process through transparency and market economy. If China, or any other country, brings technology and investment, then they are welcome.’

Nadhim Zahawi MP, Co-chair of the all party parliamentary group on Kurdistan and a member of the No 10 Energy Policy Unit, conveyed a British view on the production and export of oil and gas from the Kurdistan Region, ‘Gas coming into Europe from Kurdistan is good news for us as the gas production will bring down the prices including in the UK, and will become a supply channel to Europe ensuring its energy security.’

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