Politicians Fail to Convince Voters Change is Possible

The broken bridges between the political quarters and the voters; between the government, parliament and political blocs; between the presidency, the government and parliament; and between all of the institutions of the Iraqi state warn of a serious danger. Moreover, bridging this gap needs a vision that everyone agrees upon, along with national grounds and principles.

The public’s confidence cannot be restored through statements made on TV urging voters to participate in the elections, and it is no longer useful to use sectarian and ethnic fears to persuade the people to bear the risks and threats of terrorist forces and head again to the polls. Iraq needs real proof from its leaders about their desire for change. It also needs sacrifices and compromises to achieve security and move the country forward.

Without great sacrifices, voters will never feel the sincerity of their politicians — who have been continuously reproducing themselves since 2003 — and they will gradually keep their distance from the polls, until the elections start lacking the legitimacy of the street.

No one wants to see such a disastrous situation. Avoiding it, however, does not happen through slogans and petitions, but through persistent action that will eventually restore confidence.

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