Iraqi Authorities Fail to Protect Journalists

It is worth noting that these tragic acts against journalists are not taking place in troubled areas alone. Germyani was shot dead by gunmen on Dec. 6 in the town of Kalar, located in the province of Sulaimaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Reporters Without Borders considered this attack to be a shock and warned against the assassinations of journalists in Iraq.

Organizations that are concerned with the rights of Iraqi journalists have reported attacks and unlawful arrests against journalists during their duties on a daily basis. Meanwhile, other reporters complain about pressure and continuous threats from political parties, the authorities and militias, and find themselves unprotected.

In a comment on Facebook, Uday Hatem, chairman of the Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq, criticized the authorities both in Baghdad and Iraqi Kurdistan.

“The silence of the executive and legislative powers amid an increased number of assassinations targeting journalists is a matter that needs to be highlighted, especially since silence on such an important matter is seen as collaboration in the crime,” he said.

Hatem told Al-Monitor: “The Iraqi authorities have failed to pass laws capable of protecting Iraqi journalists. The law on protecting Iraqi journalists in Iraq is in fact to protect authorities from journalists and not the other way around.

(Press image via Shutterstock)

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