Iraqi Children Foundation (ICF) Fundraising Video

Building on the theme of UTN1’s music video “While We Can,” the Iraqi Children Foundation (ICF) is launching a year-end fundraising campaign to raise $15,000 for food, tutoring, and a safe place for Iraqi orphans and street children to go during the day.

After 10 years of war in Iraq, bombings and killing are on the rise again. According to UNICEF, there are approximately 800,000 orphans in Iraq. Many families have fled their homes and now live in desperately poor neighborhoods. Some children have dropped out of school while others work on the streets to support widowed mothers or relatives with whom they live. Too many are suffering from abuse and trauma.

“Time to make a difference is short,” says ICF Chairman Jonathan Webb. “Because these children are growing up fast, we need to intervene now to give them love and hope while we can, as the song says.”

A simple gift of $30 helps provide nutritional meals for a month; a gift of $40 helps to provide a safe place and pay the salaries of teachers to tutor them; a gift of $100 helps to provide all of these as well as emotional care and home visits.

To give, go to

ICF expresses its deepest appreciation to UTN1 for sharing the music video and to See Your Impact for partnering with us in this fundraising campaign:


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