Trade Delegation Visits Karbala

A trade delegation representing companies from the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia met with the Governor of Karbala as well as members of the Provincial Council last week.

The companies presented their capabilities and discussed with officials and technical experts of the provinces a wide range of economic and social development and security requirements. The visiting companies discussed their qualifications in the fields of:

  • Architecture, Engineering, City Planning
  • Security measures and integrated solutions
  • High technology transportation systems (high speed train)
  • Construction (commercial and residential, public infrastructure)
  • Waste management -- from collection to environmental disposal
  • Network communications systems (internet access, wireless, e-Government)
  • Logistics and Alternative Energy

Ginger Cruz (pictured), CEO of Mantid International, said:

We are extremely grateful to Governor Akeel al Turahi, his Council and the staff of the Holy City of Karbala for their hospitality in receiving our group. There are many companies that come to Iraq that can start a project. Only a few can finish them and deliver high quality outcomes.

"The companies that Mantid introduced to Karbala have established track records and are committed to the long-term future of the city – they are companies committed to finish the job. These visits are the beginning of a conversation with the people of Karbala on how we can work to help them build stronger and more prosperous communities, and improve the quality of life for the residents of Karbala and the millions of visitors that come each year.

During the visit, the Governor and Ms. Cruz signed an official cooperation agreement for Mantid International Group to provide expertise, services and consulting services that will contribute to the reconstruction and development of the Karbala Governorate.

(Source: Mantid International)

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