Al Qaeda "Plans to Annex One-Third of Iraq"

Attacks in Anbar cities like Fallujah, Qaim and Rutba, have been tactical and well planned and have involved not just the killing of security forces but the occupation or destruction of security forces’ outposts and command centres. This has seen the cities loose contact with one another to some extent.

And this is a bigger problem than it might appear at first. Anbar is one of the biggest provinces in Iraq and actually makes up about a third of the country. It has deserts and rugged mountainous landscape which makes it difficult for regular military forces to control it.

The long borders with Syria, from where it’s assumed many of the extremists are coming, are also difficult to control. Additionally much of the population stems from Sunni Muslim tribes or clans who have always lived here and who are generally fairly conservative.

Add to their conservative attitudes, the feeling that the Shiite Muslim-led government has marginalized them and persecuted them of late, then it becomes easier for extremist groups like ISIS to bring these tribesmen on side.

“Daash want to separate Anbar and annex it to areas under its control in eastern Syria,” Hakim al-Jumaily, a member of the Parliamentary committee on security and defence, told NIQASH. “But it seems that we have been too late in responding to this threat – our troops should have been preventing the infiltration of militants into the country from the beginning.”

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2 Responses to Al Qaeda "Plans to Annex One-Third of Iraq"

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    abbass hassan
    2nd January 2014 at 14:42 #

    Good luck to them , it will be with out law , oil , friends , money ,
    help , just full murders .