IHEC Retracts Resignation

By John Lee.

It was news that stunned many observers, but was met with resignation by others expecting chaos surrounding April's general elections in Iraq: Last week, Iraq's entire Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) resigned en masse.

That decision was blamed by the commission on "political interference" over a proposal by the judiciary to disqualify candidates judged to be "of ill repute."

Some blamed Maliki for meddling with the commission's work, but Reidar Visser has noted that this time it is not only the PM who is trying to manipulate Iraq's state institutions for personal gain.

Now IHEC appear to have had an emergency meeting with UN envoy to Iraq Nikolay Mladenov (pictured) and released a statement regarding their return:

"The decision has been taken to withdraw the resignations and resume our duties in full confidence".

(Source: Reuters)


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