Lessons Learned on Water Management

Under the framework of the IPSM-Phase II Programme, a knowledge sharing workshop was conducted to familiarize the concerned participants from the two pilot areas in Duhok and Najaf on decentralized water management with reform success stories and challenges.

The event was held in Erbil, in the General Directorate of Water and Sewerage on 14-15 April 2014.

Participants from the General Directorate of Water and Sewerage, representatives from Duhok outskirts water directorate, Najaf water directorate, local NGOs, UNICEF and UN-Habitat attended the event.

Two international specialists were engaged to present case studies on water sector administrative reform, and to manage the discussions which focused on the various aspects and tools for reform of the water sector.

The discussions ranged from very broad aspects of policy, regulation, administrative and procedural restrictions applied by some governmental institutions (major concern raised about difficulties with Ministry of Finance) to more concrete measures and suggestions for organisational and institutional reform of the pilot models in Duhok and Najaf. Experiences from Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Bosnia-Herzegovina were presented and used to illustrate the ways that reforms in the sector can follow.

Following to that, the participants discussed appropriate reform models that can be applied in the local context of Duhok and Najaf. Discussions extended to action points as the necessity of clear job description and efficient performance appraisal systems.

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