Rebuilding Iraq's Universities

By John Lee.

Christopher Hill, director of research training and academic development at the University of Nottingham, has written an article based on his experience in university level capacity building in Iraq for academic journalĀ The Conversation.

Professor Hill points out the increased expenditure in rebuilding Iraqi universities, but posits that until more academics can be nurtured in Iraq it will be a challenge to see the sector return to the quality and renown it last saw in the 1960's and 70's.

Noting that higher education minister Ali al-Adeeb has outlined a plan for 13 new universities and 28 new colleges last year with UNESCO, World Bank and UNICEF support (a $200 million dollar plan) Hill outlines some of the difficulties with this strategy and suggests some ideal approaches.

Read the full article here.

(Source: The Conversation)

(Education image via Shutterstock)

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