Onwards and Upwards for Iraq

Iraqis went to the polls yesterday in what has been variously described as "an important milestone in Iraq’s democratic transition," (Spokesperson for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon) and "a powerful rebuke to the violent extremists," (US Secretary of State John Kerry).

Preliminary results are not expect for a couple of weeks, and as it is generally assumed that business abhors uncertainty, one might expect that investment is on hold and hiring has stopped until the outcome is known. Not so.

Our jobs page, for example, is brimming with new career opportunities from a wide range of companies and agencies. To help employers and agencies, we'll even display your job advertisements free of charge for the first four weeks, while we also offer the chance to sponsor the jobs page at a very reasonable rate.

In addition, we have some new business opportunities available on our tenders page, and are expecting more in the coming days.

We are also delighted to report that our Expert Blogger Madeleine White has launched her new magazine; published by the Private Sector Development Centre (PSDC) in Iraq, NINA is written for and by Iraqi women, and focuses on women's economic empowerment. Current articles highlight among other things the importance of networking, the secrets of a successful partnership, and information on mentoring. Started as a result of an article in Iraq Business News, we wish NINA every succcess.

Regardless of the uncertainty over who will form the next government, it is clearly onwards and upwards for Iraq.

(Flag image via Shutterstock)

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