US-Iraq Security Cooperation Continues

Azzaman: How do you view the experience of Iraq in the fight against terrorism?

Bednarek: The fight against terrorism is a long process, which necessitates several means and methods, not only in terms of military efforts but also in terms of intelligence. Iraq has started serious works in this regard, as it held the first international conference to fight against terrorism in Iraq, where many states discussed this issue. The US supported the conference through its high-level representation. However, I would like to stress the outstanding support of the Iraqi tribes of the government’s effort in fighting against terrorism. The Awakening forces deserve to have pride in their sense of nationalism.

Azzaman: How do you view the future of Iraq in terms of arms and development during the next four years?

Bednarek: Our relations with Iraq go beyond the issue of weapons and are more focused on development. The US government considers Iraq’s real need for economic and educational development. The US is likely to take a step toward developing the education sector in Iraq.

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