A "Win-Win Solution" for the KRG Oil Dispute?

By John Lee.

Michael Knights, a Fellow at the Washington Institute of Near East Policy, has spoken to the Anadolu news agency about problems and opportunities with Iraq's energy sector.

In the piece, entitled Iraq Potentially Turkey's Biggest Energy Supplier, Knights discusses the lack of institutional and human capacity which has hindered some of Iraq's more ambitious energy plans.

He goes on to say that should Baghdad ratify the 2014 national budget without threatening the KRG's budget allocation and create a deal for oil to move via the State Oil Marketing Organization, everyone would benefit:

"The Kurds should export oil in collaboration with the state marketer SOMO, with Baghdad remitting the oil revenue directly back to Iraqi Kurdistan. This is what the Americans, the Turkish government, IOCs and even Baghdad ultimately want. It is a win-win-win solution."

Read the full piece here.

(Source: Anadolu Agency)

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